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Rock and Water training in Lima boosts social and emotional skills in new participants

A 3-day basic training of the Roca y Agua program was held in Lima, Peru, October 11-13, 2023. The training took place at the Santa María Marianistas School, in the district of Surco.

The training, led by program creator Freerk Ykema and co-trainer Rebeca Duarte, attracted a diverse audience of participants. This audience included psychologists, teachers and professionals from leading organizations such as SUCO, an international cooperation organization, the NGO Empresario por la Educación, the Centro de Diagnóstico y Orientación del Autismo “Abrazos de Cusco”, Colegio Santa María Marianistas and Colegio Markham, among others.

The Abrazos team has been deeply engaged in the training process with “Rock and Water”, with the active participation of seven of its members. This experience has given the entire team the opportunity to strengthen their knowledge and skills significantly.

Willeke Browser, who serves as the organization’s director, shared her impressions of the impact of the training. Before her participation, she was already enthusiastic, but during the training, her enthusiasm grew exponentially. In her own words, “I realized that I was taking a significant step in my personal development. I discovered new aspects of myself that will be of great use in guiding our team, as well as in supporting the parents and children we collaborate with.”

In addition, Willeke emphasized that the team as a whole has undergone a palpable transformation. The enthusiasm of all members has risen considerably, and they are thinking about what exercises seen in the training they can apply in their work with the children. This evolution is a reflection of the commitment and motivation that the “Rock and Water” program has introduced in Abrazos de Cusco.

The Abrazos Cusco team with Rebeca (co-trainer), Freerk (Rock and Water Creator) and Mark (program representative in Peru).

Rock and Water is a psychophysical program originating in the Netherlands, designed to enhance social and communication skills. This training provides participants with a series of valuable tools to foster positive social behaviors and, at the same time, reduce unacceptable behaviors in society.

The key objectives of basic training are:

  • To provide fundamental knowledge about the Rock and Water program.
  • Develop the skills necessary to become a Rock and Water trainer.
  • Effectively apply program tools in real-world situations.

Participants of the training in Lima expressed their enthusiasm for the program. “I find it a very complete and useful program for the development of social and communication skills,” shared one of the participants. “I am sure it will be of great help in my work as a psychologist,” she added.

The Roca y Agua basic training in Lima represents the first step towards certification as an international trainer of the program. Those who successfully completed the training received a diploma accrediting them as Rock and Water trainers at the international level.

This event in Lima reflects the growing interest in Peru in the Roca y Agua program, which provides the necessary tools for the socio-emotional development of children, youth and adults.

Important data on scientific research of the Rock and Water program:

Below, we share significant data on the main scientific research conducted on the Rock and Water program.

Utrecht University Research (2016-2020).

This research, which involved 1299 students, concluded that the Roca y Agua program is effective in promoting children’s well-being and resilience. The students who participated in the program experienced:

  • Significant increase in self-esteem (85%).
  • Significant decrease in aggressive behavior (75%).
  • Significant improvement in social skills (70%).
  • Significant decrease in risk of harassment (60%).
  • Significant decrease in the risk of drug and alcohol consumption (50%).

University of Twente research (2015).

This research, which involved 360 students, found that the Rock and Water program is effective in improving children’s social skills. The results show:

  • Ability to communicate effectively (80%).
  • Ability to resolve conflicts peacefully (75%).
  • Ability to establish and maintain positive relationships (70%).

University of Groningen research (2014).

This research, which involved 240 students, concluded that the Rock and Water program is effective in reducing aggressive behavior in children, evidencing:

  • Decrease in the tendency to fight (80%).
  • Decrease in the tendency to intimidate others (75%).
  • Decrease in the tendency to have disruptive behaviors at school (70%).

This scientific research demonstrates that Roca y Agua is an effective intervention for promoting children’s well-being and resilience, helping them develop positive social and emotional skills that positively impact their quality of life. It is important to keep in mind that individual results may vary depending on the child and other factors, such as family and school environment.

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